Thursday, September 18, 2008

And Boy, How It's Lasted!

Since my last post the Angels have continued to play outstanding baseball. They clinched the AL West many days ago. Frankie Rodriguez broke the all time saves record for a single season. And our offense picked up just as our pitching started to cool down. (I know that giving Frankie so many save opportunities means that we are not blowing other teams away offensively, but I'm content to celebrate the achievement and enjoy the excitement of close games while turning a blind eye to that criticism.) Of course, all of this is overshadowed by some disheartening news that will come to you shortly. But, in those moments when a positive distraction is in order, the Angels continue to provide. Here's to a great, Yankee-less post season!


Heidi Jo said...

I love that you're such a die-hard Angels fan, even though you're so far away. You should have seen last night's game ... over 4 hours, 12 innings, more than 400 pitches thrown ... and the Angels finally won it! 5-4. Now they have one game in the series, Red Sox have two. Game 4 is tonight, and I'm already holding my breath. Anything Angels-wise I can do you for you guys? (This is Heidi Weston, formerly Heidi Hammer, btw. I keep up with your and Josie's blogs regularly ... and I just want you to know how sorry I am about the loss of your little guy last week. I pray you would both find amazing comfort in this time.)

eric O said...

Thanks for the comment. No need to identify yourself, I've kept up with you as much as possible over the years, mostly through GHFC circles. I wished I could have been present at your grandma's memorial service. My mom sent me the program and it seemed perfectly honoring to such a great woman.

I signed up for Good Reads to try to get back in touch, but never followed through and thus, never got in touch.

As far as the Angels are concerned, I'll be posting my final thoughts on the season soon. Check back in a few days. We arrived in San Francisco the evening of the game you mentioned and were able to listen to the last 2 innings. That was all of the "good" baseball we got, since they lost and were eliminated the next night. The only thing you can do for us Angels wise is somehow make sure that they start off the 2009 season well, since we'll be in southern California for the start of it and will try to go to as many games as possible. It'd be great to see them win.