Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ukrainian Evangelicalism in the Spotlight

For anyone interested in a perspective other than our own about how the Church is doing in Ukraine and Kyiv Theological Seminary's role in the Evangelical movement in Eurasia, read this recent Christianity Today article. On the whole, I find it a positive reflection of what we're seeing God do, even though I would squabble with the author over a few of the details. I don't buy the "all press is good press" line, but this press is certainly good for KTS and the Ukrainian Body of Christ.


Vladimir said...
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Vladimir said...


This is really Ruthanne - not Vladimir. I don't have a google acct, so I'm using my husband's.
Eric Frei told me that you are teaching at a Seminary in Ukraine and did a little digging and found your blog.

Vladimir is from Ukraine and was actually baptized in Kyiv at St. Vladimir's.

We live in San Francisco and would love to have you and your family over before you leave back to Kyiv.

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