Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I hope that you are all enjoying the wonder of Christmas and are able to reflect on the glory and depth of the Incarnation. In Jesus Christ, our God took on flesh for us and our salvation. Amazing.

For those of you with a more modern ear, I'd like to recommend Sufjan Stevens' "Songs for Christmas" CD set.

Sufjan presents some of his own original Christmas music, which is phenomenal (here's a sample), but he excels in taking many traditional Christian Christmas songs and re-presenting them in new, yea glorious, arrangements. I wasn't able to find many links to these Christmas songs (here's his wonderful rendition of "O Come O Come Emmanuel"), but you'll get a general overview of his style from his renditions of "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" (sorry for the cheesy video accompaniment) and "Amazing Grace."

It's already Christmas and you may not want to buy a Christmas album now but, trust me, it's worth it and you will listen to it all year 'round. Merry Christmas to all of you, whether Sufjan is a part of it or not.


Josie said...

for the sake of honest and full disclosure ...

we woke up Christmas morning to open stockings and, when we went to put on sufjan, dietrich, with tears in his eyes, sobbed, "noooooooo sufjan!"

it'll grow on him, i'm sure.

Lois said...

check this:
is it the same version?

hope you guys are having a great day and enjoy the holiday season in general.

Trader Joel said...

Steph bought this for me last year-it's entertaining stuff, and there are some great recordings.

I especially like the stories he tells in the liner notes about Christmas with his family growing up.

eric O said...

thanks, lois. i'll update the post to reflect this fact, i.e, add the link. my lack of technological savviness is glaring pretty brightly right now, eh?

joel, next time you find something this good, you better tell me!

Gypmar said...

Josie, that is hilarious!

fong said...

Dietrich!!!! What a cutie. I miss him.

Statistics Born said...

YES Sufjan. Dietrich has a lot to learn.