Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Does My Son Want To Be When He Grows Up?

For the past few weeks, Dietrich has been singing a really sweet little prayer song that goes like this:

We thank You, Lord
We thank You, Lord
We thank You, Lord, this day.

At first, it didn't sound all that clear or on key, coming from a two and a half year old. As he began to sing it more and more, however, we got more and more curious about how the song actually goes. We just assumed that he learned it in the Church nursery where he spends about 6 hours a week, so we began to ask the various teachers and leaders about it.

No one has ever heard of this song!

So now we are beginning to wonder if our tiny little guy has composed his first worship tune. Pretty amazing, if true. Might he grow up to be a worship leader?

Please comment if you've seen or heard a song that looks at all like this one. Because we still have no confirmation on the words, and because he's only singing it slightly clearer than when he started, something in the ballpark might have been his inspiration. Not that we don't think Dietrich is capable of creating worship music—from the mouth of infants and whatnot—it's just highly unlikely with me as his daddy. My musical inabilites would significantly hinder the positives he got from his mommy.


lois said...

That's just cool.

eric O said...


Tonight at Sunday evening service, Dietrich's Sunday School teacher was in the courtyard with Josie and D and asked, "Dietrich, do you want to sing mommy the "Thank You Lord" song"? Josie asked for the words and, sure enough, it was Dietrich's song. The only correction to the lyrics is that it goes like this ...

We thank You, Lord
We thank You, Lord
We thank You, Lord, for this snack.

Glad to have that one solved.