Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another Reason Not To Be an A's Fan

Although this news report makes it all sound outrageously funny, it sure would stink to have people driving around your neighborhood with whistle tips on their mufflers. I'm glad that this seems to be contained to Oakland and hasn't made its way to L.A.

The Bubb Rubb News Report

Because it's so comical, people have turned Bubb Rubb into an icon of sorts and have created some remixes that take out the news and leave us with Bubb Rubb in nothing but his woo-wooing glory.

A Bubb Rubb Remix

And if that wasn't enough, somebody made us a Bubb Rubb-Dukes of Hazzard clip that will leave your sides aching. I know that technology has too large of a role in our society but, with stuff like this coming out, it's hard not to overindulge.

The Bubb Rubb-Dukes of Hazzard Episode


shaun said...

OH MAN, the Dukes of Hazzard clip is hilarious! With Uncle Jesse as the dude and Boss Hog as the that was priceless.

eric O said...

I particularly liked Daisy as the complaining, discontented woman.

There is a version where they do the news report to Star Wars. It has potential but it wasn't done with as much love and care as was the Dukes version.