Friday, January 28, 2011

Join the Debate

I stumbled upon an amazing site while searching iTunes for some good theology/philosophy/apologetics podcasts. It's and it's got an amazing amount of material for those who love to listen to debates and discussions on the major topics in the philosophy of religion. They claim to have over 500 debates available and, so far, I don't think they're foolin'. Go there, find something that interests you and indulge, for free.

But this recommendation comes with 2 cautions. First, in case you are easily offended, the site is not administered and moderated by a Christian. He's an agnostic and he's not afraid to use expletives. I learned this after I posted a comment on a debate that I had listened to and was responded to in a manner not suitable for all audiences. The comment was not personally directed at me but it was an introduction to what can be found on the site. Reader beware.

The second caution is in regard to "interaction addiction" to the site. I listened to a podcast of a debate between Christopher Hitchens and Alister McGrath. I wanted to make a comment in the forum that they create for some debates. You have to be a member to participate. I became a member and posted my comment. The moderator responded immediately and in a manner that enticed me to respond again. I started to receive emails every time something new was posted on the site (yes, that function can be turned off). A topic appeared that is extremely interesting to me. I spent an hour just a bit ago posting in the forum. And, on top of all that, they give you "activity points" every time you participate, which flips a little switch in your brain and makes you want to "play." As you can see, it can be addicting and I'm hooked. If you are prone to addiction, beware.

And now for the shameless plugging. Here are links to the forums that I've posted in, in case you are interested:

My comments on the Hitchens/McGrath debate

My posts in the Science & Faith forum

Join if you dare, read if you want, but, by all means, listen until your ears bleed. Nothing gets the the wheels turning like a good debate.

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eric O said...

I just finished listening to a debate between Michael Licona and Richard Carrier on the resurrection of Jesus, also from the DebateGod website. Here are my thoughts.