Sunday, February 20, 2011

At Long Last

If you're proud of your alma mater, you probably like to see your former profs publish good books and write good articles (or the appropriate equivalent in whatever field you studied) so that more people than just you can enjoy the fruit of their labors. I definitely feel that way about Talbot School of Theology and think that many more people should be familiar with her faculty than actually are.

Now it's much easier with the launch of a Talbot blog — The Good Book Blog. Not all profs are posting there; I think it's a little less than half. But that's better than none and there are already some great posts to digest (see Dr. Ken Berding's posts on prayer and the family here and here) (also check out Dr. Ken Way's story of how he chose where to earn his Ph.D.). Check it out as often as possible, stretch your mind and enrich your soul.

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